CD -4/-6: Preparing this blog

I’m kinda almost desperately trying to not focus on what’s hopefully about to happen to me, but it really isn’t me. For some reason that I know probably shouldn’t be, I actually want my period to start in 4 or 6 days (there’s an option because my cycles alternate between 26 and 30 days). It seems redundant because if I’m already pregnant then I get to save myself, my family and my work colleagues the pain/stress/trauma of me getting hormone injections for two weeks. It’s almost as though that now I’m ready to go down the IUI path, now that I’ve paid and am hoping to start treatment next week, I don’t want something to disturb that.

Of course if I am already pregnant, I won’t care about the money I’ve already paid for a treatment I won’t have. Although it is making me hesitant about picking up the prescription. More on that and the drugs involved later.

Technically, it might not even happen this month! They can only do three couples per week – I think it’s a restriction on the male sample prep that limits them. So if I do start my period and ring them up to ask if I can start, they can still say no and I have to wait another month. I’m just kind of glad that since the decision to pay for IUI and waiting for the start of treatment, I haven’t found the dreaded 2WW quite so dreaded. We gave up.

Not because we stopped wanting a child, nor because we decided we couldn’t hack this anymore. Just simply because we knew we could relieve all of the pressure by waiting for the hospital to be ready for us, which by no way means that we’re taking the easy route. In 3 years, we only stopped trying for the past two months. Part of me had naively hoped that removing the stress would make it happen. But no. Those tales told by others don’t happen to me!

But there’s no worry about it anymore. Not yet anyway.

So, because I know I’m going to have to keep my mind amused (when I do get to do the treatment), I decided to come up with a super giant list of everything I want to blog about! I even randomly bought a novel called Two Week Wait a while ago with the intent to reading it during *the* 2WW. Fingers crossed it keeps me entertained and isn’t just happy endings all around for everyone.

Because in the TTC game, it isn’t always happy endings for everyone.

So in the lead up and beginning of the treatment, I’m going back to the tests I had to lead me to the diagnosis of Unexplained Infertility (blood tests, HSG and laparaoscopy), I’m going to explain what I take Unexplained Infertility to mean, what exactly IUI is (Intra Uterine Insemination), what drugs are involved and how they affect me.

Here are some of my previous blogs on the matter:

  • Information on laparaoscopies: This Time A Week Ago. March 2012
  • My reasons for opening up and making this blog completely public to friends and family: Coming Clean. April 2012
  • How I came to be on the road to IUI: A New Road. June 2012
  • Statistics on when people “should” get pregnant by when trying: Why I’m In Pain. March 2012
  • Yesterday’s IUI blog

And at some point I’m going to work on an abbreviation page!

~ Persephone M

  1. February 19th, 2013

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