CD -5/-7: Meet The Nurse

Okay, so I’m going to attempt to chronicle my first attempt at IUI. The theory is that I will be able to commence as soon as my next cycle starts, but things are already in motion so I wanted to start the chronicle. That’s why it’s Cycle Day -5 or -7 – it depends on what day I start my new cycle as to what minus day I am. Hopefully it will all become clearer when I hit CD1.

Firstly, I have to state that these blog posts will not be posted the day on which they were written. Simply it’s because people that know me in the Real World read this blog; I happily advertise this website to my friends and family. I don’t want them to know the exact date I get inseminated. It’s a bit too icky. I mean, it’s icky enough that my bosses will likely know when I start asking for the time off.

I also don’t want to post things on the day it happens, because I couldn’t bear it if the treatment doesn’t work. I don’t want my two week wait to be made even more anxious by knowing that other people are waiting with me. There’s also the fact that if it doesn’t work, I might need time to deal with it before I want to face the world. I am not doing this in any way as an attempt to mislead anyone.

Secondly, when I start posting these entries, well I don’t know. It might be soon after the dreaded 2 week wait. It might be after the three month “safety” window. It might be more months down the line or they might just languish on here for ever!

Thirdly, I have no idea how detailed this will all become because I have no idea what to expect. Perhaps that’s the key reason that I should be posting this chronicle as it happens, so I can receive support from the faceless bloggers out there. I’m fully aware that I may need that support, that I have no idea what the drugs will do to me, no idea what the 2WW will be like or the joy/pain at the end of the 2WW. I understand that perhaps then will be when I need to blog and reach out, but, ultimately, due to the public nature of my blog, I can’t. So perhaps me chronicling this journey will be less about me receiving support, but giving it for any future readers. Whatever the outcome.

Let’s back up a bit now with a quick history:

I started dating a guy who’d just been my friend in 2005, February. In 2007, February again, he proposed and two years later to almost the day, we got married.

Soon after that (a few months), we decided we wanted to start trying to have a child. I’m honestly not sure what I thought back then. Maybe I thought it’d happen within months. Maybe I thought a year. I certainly did not think that by over half way through 2012 we’d still be parentless.

It had almost certainly never occured to me that I would have undergone an HSG, multiple blood tests and a laparoscopy whilst my husband’s semen was analysed.

I probably thought that there’d be nothing wrong with either of us and we’d fall pregnant within a decent time scale (3 years is not “decent”, in my opinion).

I was only half wrong. There is nothing wrong with either us. He has something like 124million/millilitre in a 3ml sample with 70-75% top grade. When I was in school, 70% was an A-grade.

I’m also fine, hormones are working as they should, my insides are healthy with no scarring or blockages. We have Unexplained Infertility.

And yesterday we finally met the Fertility Nurse who’s going to oversee the IUI – IntraUterine Insemination. It’s a step before IVF where I get to inject myself and take tablets to alter my hormone levels so I ovulate 2-3 eggs rather than the normal standard one per month. Then within 36 hours of the injection which causes my ovulation, hubby donates his sample to the doctor and it’s introduced to me via catheter directly into my uterus.

This bypasses every single obstacle that my body can throw at him, but still keeps fertilisation within the human body.

I’d already read the information the clinic had given me and there was nothing about the procedure that was really new. Except that I hadn’t realised that I would need to give myself injections that I needed to keep in my fridge; hubby refused to learn how to inject me! I’d also read about the potential dangers – ovarian hyperstimulation and multiple birth. The multiple birth one is quite logical – if three eggs are stimulated and ovulated, then three can be fertilised. This would make triplets. I’d also joked to hubby that all three eggs could split making three pairs of identical twins, which the nurse also mentioned! She also mentioned foetal reduction.

If all three fertilise/more than that, then there needs to be a discussion over reducing the number. I chose to ignore what exactly that means because we have no idea if the fertilisation will even work. I may get the hyperstimulation – where the usually walnut sized ovaries enlarge to the size of apples – and treatment may need to stop. I may suffer an ectopic pregnancy due to the increased chance with IUI. Or I may simply still not get pregnant.

So, I have no idea what the next few weeks fully hold for me and my husband, but I hope that whatever mess they make me, I get a nine month journey out of it that can end the journey I started in 2009.

~ Persephone M

  1. Your style is very unique compared to other folks I’ve read stuff from. Many thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will just book mark
    this blog.

  1. February 19th, 2013

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