Freebies Cost The World

Due to the snow today I needed to grab a lift rather than getting frozen! On the way home, the lady kind enough to save me from the snowfall had to pick up her child from daycare. She asked the staff how many children had been brought in and the answer was surprising.

In this country every child over a certain age gets a certain number of nursery/daycare hours for free. Any parent who wants their child to go for more has to pay for the extra. So the nursery/preschool in question had tried to open for all of those poor parents that would need to go to work in the snow today. The same way that most schools tried to open so that all the other parents in the country could go to their job.

But, in this nursery/preschool, the other children present were all the freebie people those that get the free hours because they qualify for a range of benefits (free money for some). So all the workers opted, or were forced, to stay home in the snow (some may even have had their pay docked) but could have then played with their children, building snowmen and throwing snowballs – as my friend chose to do after our bosses sent us home. Why would she waste those memories even if she had paid? Memories are priceless.

But what of all these other kids? The ones who made it into nursery? What were there parents doing? Not struggling to get into work. Not wishing they could spend some fun time in the snow. The parents in question get the free hours because they qualify for it alongside benefits which means they don’t work. So did they sit at home alone? Or do whatever is normal for them whilst their kids are in nursery, school or education in general?

From the people I know in that situation, I honestly have no idea what they do with those hours other than watch Jeremy Kyle and play video games surrounded by dirty clothes, piles of dishes and overflowing ash trays. But the parents at my friend’s nursery chose to not play with their children, forcing the nursery workers to remain working when perhaps they have children of their own and would love to close early.

In trying to be fair, the unfairness gap simply grows.

~ Persephone M
P.S. I know there are those on benefits because they work just not enough hours. I also know there are those that can’t work or can’t find work. I know I’m generalising, but I’m not the only one doing it and there are plenty of bone idle people out there.

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