Challenge: Starting Over

Was just going through my draft folder and stumbled across this post that I wrote on 18th January but failed to post for some reason. So, completely late to the topic/challenge, here’s my belated blog on Starting Over… Now to find out what the current topic/challenge is and see if I can do that on time! D’oh! ~PMx

I missed this as an actual tweet (in fact I had no idea I even followed @postaday) but thought it fitted in with my, hopefully, desire to start blogging again.

The weekly writing challenge is Starting Over and it does feel like that a bit for me on this blog.

When I first launched my blog it was purely for photos and poems. Then the blogs started where I actively started explaining the truth behind my poems.

Then came blogs about my mother’s foster children. Then came photos and info on holidays I’ve been on.

I think the only thing that hasn’t made its way on to here is my fangirl side.

So, in honour of a New Year, a new start and a new passion for blogging I will start over with this blog.

Starting over can be starting from scratch, changing everything about yourself or just a facet. It can be something forced upon you or something you set in motion yourself. It could be deciding to end a troubled relationship, or have a makeover. It could be emigrating and starting a new life or giving up and returning to an old home.

I spent the last quarter of last year moving and I’m still unpacking. Now things finally seem to be settling but there have been enough changes in my own life. I think I started to start over last November. With my broken down Mac finally fixed, a place for it in my new home and most of the boxes unpacked, it’s time to start over with blogging.

~ PersephoneM

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