Go and have twins

The fosters have literally just left so excuse the bad language and bile about to come.

The stupid bitch who collected them told me to go have twins now seeing as our house is empty and because my mum will miss the two little fosters.

Fuck you.

You’ve never had other people’s children live with you for over a year, tried not to but still managed to fall in love with them.

You’ve not seen the stress my mum’s gone through being a single foster parent to two under fives.

You haven’t sat there watching as everyone falls in love with two children, fearing that you’ll never have your own.

You haven’t been told that you have unexplained infertility and might never give your husband a child or your mum grand children

So don’t fucking tell me to have twins to make my home full again. You had your own children and now get to do over with these. I get a shit load of absolutely fucking nothing.

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