Still Going

With all my slacking on this blog, I’ve realised that there’s been nothing really on here about my attempts to conceive for over a week and that my TTC posts are pretty infrequent. But also possibly the most frequent element of this site.

Back in June I had an appointment with the Fertility Doctor to discuss my laparoscopy I had back in March and then what we would move forwards with. I’m of the right age to have IVF for free, or I can pay for IUI.

We decided and were waiting for hospital appointments. I might be going a bit silent on the TTC front for a while to “cover up” for when I have treatment (we decided on IUI). This is because people in the Real World that I consider friends and family read this blog and I couldn’t have them knowing everything as it was happening.

I’ll probably look through my back catalogue of TTC poems I wrote last year and post them along with other random posts.

Please stick with me during this journey. I might avoid discussing it for a bit, but I will blog and post after the event. I just can’t have my friends know what day I’m going for the insemination and them wondering alongside me during the amped up 2 week wait until I can take that test. I’d love for you to all be able to make the journey with me, but it’s going to have to be something that’s delayed for all you bloggers.

Needless to say, I’m still trying and failing every month, but hopefully science can help me pass.

~ Persephone M

  1. Totally understand. I’m always torn between sharing and not. In the past, I thought sharing jinxed my chances but now I realize its all irrevelant. Good luck to you.

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