Sorry for the lack…

I just wanted to type out a quick little blog to apologise for not being too active recently.

I go through periods of not feeling too happy, of being a bit meloncholy. Sometimes I feel like my life’s at a standstill or at a red light whilst everyone else around me is in the fast lane. I get back into the middle lane (I wish it could be the fast, ever changing, unpredictable fast lane), but it takes a while.

At first it was just me being super tired from the surgery, but that was three weeks ago and I’m still feeling off. I’ve decided it’s because I haven’t written in over a month – I get grumpy without my obsessional writing after a while. So I started working on a novella again on Saturday, which led to two nights of insomnia because my brain was constantly in overdrive about these characters and their lives – definitely not stuck at a red light!

The only trouble with getting back into the writing is that then I get too consumed with it and all other internet based things suffer. Until everything snaps back into place and I attempt a balance between the Real World, my fictitious worlds (yes, plural) and the blogging world. Balance never works for long, especially over the summer.

I’ve been doing well with the 365 blog though!

Fingers crossed that I’ll be back to my usual, chipper self soon,
~ Persephone M

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