Sunday Omnibus – Mothering Sunday

Happy Mother’s Day!

I’ve been back at work and my stomach is feeling much better – my t-shirt no longer hurts simply touching my skin which is always a good thing! And then I spent my weekend attempting to treat my mum which is so difficult with the two foster children in tow.

To try and give her a rest, my husband and I took both children to the park and I took my camera. The biggest problem I always have when I’m out with these children is that people assume (or I assume they assume) that I’m the parent. Every child has tantrums, these two are slightly more troubled than the average child – they are only 3 and 4 and in the care system. They’ve lived with us for almost a year now, but they still keep getting new information for their tiny brains to process which causes more behavioural issues. Then again, I’m sure every parent feels other’s eyes on them when their child has a tantrum in public.

I just always think: They’re not mine!!!!!

The bigger problem that I have is when they call out to either me or my husband. I’m not sure of the current stats, but I know the city in which I live used to have a very high rate of teenage pregnancy and I always feel as if it has a high incidence of single parents. So I always feel odd when one child shouts out to my husband because, obviously, they call us both by our names. Do people then think my husband is just yet another boyfriend that I’m recklessly bringing into my children’s lives? Or that I’m an unattentive mother as I wander around the park taking pictures leaving the boyfriend to play with the children?

Or do they not think a thing?

Anyway, in honour of my mother who not only did a fantastic job of raising me, but she’s helped foster (for whatever length of time) a good handful of children including these two for almost a whole year, some pictures from today without showing the faces!

I think each image can be a metaphor for the care system in general – constantly pushing and getting no where; struggling to climb or reach, and then slipping back down; caged in or out from normal life.

I also posted an image from the park on my 365 blog. You can find it here. Other images from the past seven days include daffodils, rain drops, sunsets, fog and the end of painkillers!

How was your week?
~ Persephone M

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