The Perils of Facebook

I read a friend’s blog earlier about being on facebook and reading pregnancy annoucements and it got me to thinking about what I actually hate more.

Luckily, I think I only ever suffered one facebook announcement and it was from a step-in-law. I deleted them — take note anyone who’s on my list! My bigger problem with facebook is those that seem to think that they’re better or to just simply not think about other people.

I guess this is all being stirred up because tomorrow is Mothering Sunday and I’m awaiting all sorts of things on my facebook feed.

Ages ago, someone I consider a very good friend put one of those forward statement things in their status. You know, the “re-post if you agree” ones. And, I can’t remember the ins and outs, but it essentially said that she’d given up so much for her children because she wasn’t selfish. There was a line that said she’d traded her designer bag for nappy bags and washed, clean hair for dirty or something. It was all stuff that she’d traded for the sake of her children.

It was incredibly insensitive. I fully appreciate that there are women who decide to not have children. It doesn’t make them selfish, less self-less or wrong. It’s their choice and I’m sure they don’t look down upon mothers for the choices they made. So why should a mother look down upon a woman who chooses to not have children?

What about the women who desperately want children but can’t have them? So they still get to have designer bags and super-styled hair, when they would give up anything to have nappy bags, sleepless nights and vomit in their hair. Or they aren’t “lucky” enough to have designer bags because they’ve spent all their money on IVF?

Should a mother look down upon women like that? Should someone who’s chosen to not have children look down upon women that can’t?

I guess the question is: Should a person put that as their status when they’re the shoulder to cry on for someone who has fertility problems?

~ Persephone M

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