I Hate Clothes!

I am in one of those awful tearful moods. Purely out of need, I had to go shopping for work trousers which I absolutely hate. The short story is, I’m usually about a size 12 in jeans, but in tailored work trousers 12 tends to be too tight. However, 14s fall down!

For the past two days my usually a bit tight trousers have been far too tight and have made me feel flabby and crap. I thought it was simply this putting a huge downer on my mood. Yes, I think it’s incredibly strange that simply wearing something a bit too tight can make me feel like I’m honestly fat. Part of it is the fact that I don’t quite understand.

Nothing else feels tight. These trousers felt fine on Tuesday and the other week when I last wore them and I can’t figure out what on earth has changed since then. If anything, my diet and exercise has improved with my new desire to cut down on the alcohol and caffeine, and the lighter evenings mean I’m cycling instead of walking for my daily commute.

I’m beginning to question whether it’s just that, or if those trousers have made me into a crazy person. I’ve been using my Tivo to catch up on some TV shows, including Bones and I just spent ages crying at it all because of silly emotional reunions. This can’t be simply feeling fat, but I’m at a normal part of the month so there is no other reason.

I want to splurge on junk food!

~ Persephone M

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