Darkness – Poem

Darkness descended, down upon the world,
And sat there, waiting. Until perhaps there was time.
Eyes pass unseeing, lungs breath unknowing,
What poison may be awaiting them in the dark?
A ray of light is all that is sought,
Would the eyes recognise the spectrum?
After all the time that has passed?

To cope and to adapt, survival of the fittest,
Only the strong survive, the tallest, the fastest,
The beaks perfect for the seed.
Perpetuation of their species, passing down the strengths,
As the darkness passed down over everything.
A world of darkness to live a life in,
Not allow it all to pass by in black blurs.

Roughened fingers feel the world, searching,
On the lookout for danger, even if it’s too late.
What if the fate is not to perpetuate? To not live forever?
To fight the pain, the suffering, the eternal unknown,
And live by an inconceivable idea of life unseen.
To dream in light, but avoid the confusion of waking,
And stop hoping for the darkness to ascend.

© PersephoneM 22nd February 2012

  1. Very vivid.

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