Inconceivable Truth – Poem

The faceless anonymity,
Of a secret revealed.
No – No, not a secret.
The truth in that line,
About the life, the pain,
Normally concealed.

The nervous anticipation,
Of undressing for all.
No – No, not undressing.
Baring the soul in that line,
About the reality, the hidden,
By simple non-action.

The shameful pride,
Of what appears to be.
No – No, not what appears.
The unknown still hidden,
About to be blinded,
In the harsh light of day.

The silent words,
Of which remain in the mind.
No – No, not anymore.
Tapping at the keyboard,
Still hiding behind the bytes,
But taking the first tiny step.

The me you don’t know,
Of the me you might know.
Yes – Yes, you may learn.
The pain, the truth, the speech,
All hidden by my tongue,
Read my words, the inconceivable truth.

© Persephone M 22nd February 2012

  1. This poem really speaks to me. Two days ago, I “came out of the infertility closet” to a friend. The infertility is a secret but it is also the truth. It felt good to communicate with this friend. She has dealt with infertility and eventually adopted. It felt good to finally bare my soul. I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.

    • I put my facebook status that I was on a waiting list, someone asked why and I told them. Right there on my wall for all to see. No holding back. Since then, I feel calmer and almost less stressed! I’ve found that, because people don’t speak about infertility, those who aren’t don’t understand – unless someone tells them!

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