Lent 2012

It’s that time of year again, the time where some people chose to decide to give something up for lent. I’m not overly religious so I guess I use lent selfishly – I use it to give up something that is normally difficult and will make me healthier. I never make new year’s resolutions, I know I won’t keep to them. However, for the past two years I have given something up for lent and stuck to it.

The first time I actively chose to give up something for lent, I gave up snacks. This included all chocolate, crisps and general eating between meals unless it was fruit.

The second time, I gave up junk food. It proved difficult with defining what I meant by “junk” and after classifying chips as junk, finding a meal in a restuarant that didn’t include chips was hard.

Surely whatever you pick to give up has to be something that affects you, it can’t be something that you don’t need or love because where’s the trying with that. By no means am I saying that I’m perfect, but I don’t know what other things mean enough for me to give up. I could give up junk/snacks again, but a) been there, done that; b) I’ve already decided to change my diet just so that I can say for definite that it isn’t that preventing me getting pregnant.

Same reason I’ve already cut back on my caffeine intake and alcohol consumption – just to be on the safe side. So what does it really leave for me to give up? The biggest vice, my husband would say, is watching the television. On my way home I was thinking that rather than giving up something this lent, perhaps I would, instead, take up something instead.

I constantly try and tell myself to do more exercise, to do more writing, but something always stops me. Trying to find the time to maybe go jogging or do some aerobics always seems so hard. There’s always something else that I’d rather be doing. Usually, it’s watching the TV. On the occasions that I feel inspired to write, I always work on the wrong project and not the novella that, again, my husband thinks I should.

So, I began thinking that maybe this year I would take up something rather than give up. Lent is seen as giving up something of luxury or promising to do things better. Combining the two, I now have two options:

  1. Give up 30 minutes of TV every day to concentrate on my novella.
  2. Give up 30 minutes of TV every day to go jogging, do an aerobics class, cycle along the seafront.

I think either are fitting given how addicted I am to TV (and my Tivo), and I think I need to work my way up to giving up television for lent. That would be soooo difficult!

Which one, or both? How about you?

~ Persephone M

  1. I could easily give up TV. Giving up computer time would be more difficult.

    • TV and computer would be impossible. I have to spend weekends renovating a flat with neither – it’s awful! Have you given up anything for lent?

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