Honeymoon: Egypt

As a celebration of my favourite month – here are some pictures from the first part of my honeymoon the other year – Egypt. And I mean real Egypt, not the all inclusive beaches.

I found Egypt fascinating and absolutely amazing. It was a week’s trip down the nile from Luxor, down to the Aswan Dam and back to Luxor. Sights along the way include: Temple of Karnak, Abu Simbel, Esna, Temple of Edfu, Philae Temple (dedicated to Isis) and my favourite – Hatshepsut’s Temple.

It’s the magnificent vastness of what they built, the detail in the carvings, the colours that still exist after all these years, the height and width, the intracacies, the alignments. It’s the fact that it’s all still so revered by the world, that the entire Abu Simbel complex was moved part by part and reassembled so it couldn’t be flooded and still be in the right alignment with the sun! Nothing compares to what I saw.

I also visited the Valley of the Kings and Queens. It was a fantastic honeymoon: Seven days and six early starts. I might be the only person who can persuade her new husband that a honeymoon chock full of tiring excursions is the way to go, but it’s a honeymoon neither of us has forgotten yet.

And it’s the only place I want to revisit. Especially with my SLR camera.

~ Persephone M.

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