Size Matters

I was alerted to a fantastic news article yesterday by the radio station I listen to and my boss. The station were discussing an article/tool with regards to clothing sizes and how they differ on the UK high-street. But they couldn’t remember where they found it.

My boss knew and showed me. I’m going to gloss over the fact that my boss is a he.

Now, I thought it was fantastic. I have a huge problem finding trousers that fit me because in every other bloody shop, I’m a different size. I seem to be fine with t-shirts (I don’t even bother trying them on) and dresses are dependent on the exact style. Jeans and trousers get a bit trickier.

Today, I’m wearing a size 12 jeans. They are baggy (to the point of indecency). My favourite pair of jeans are a 12 and a tiny bit tight. The difference is the shop. It’s been common knowledge between me and my friends that all shops are different (although that seems ridiculous, surely xx inches should always be size x), and now this site can help you figure out before you hit the high-street.

Well almost. Unfortunately it doesn’t cover all the shops. I, for example, buy my work trousers from cheaper shops like supermarkets (why spend money on them when I regularly throw acid down them?) which aren’t on the list.

What I actually found more interesting was the vast difference between some shops. Or the one shop that sized me as a 14 for t-shirts. I’m sorry, but I wear a 10-12. Huge dislike to that shop! I have no idea how common it is, but if I wear something too tight, I can spiral down into a huge depression, moaning that I’m fat and huge! I know I’m not, and if my clothes fitted, I’d feel normal. It’s to the extreme that I absolutely detest trying to shop for work-trousers. Size 12 are too small, size 14 fall down. Why is there no 13? It was the same when I was a 10-12. I was 11. And after a few too-tight size 12s, the tears start brimming and I have to walk out without new trousers.

It’s like when I see people wearing tight clothing and I just have this utter feeling of disgust. They could be on the slim side, but if the clothes are too tight and there’s a bulge… I hate it. I’m sure that even the thinnest person in the world could have bulges in the right/wrong clothing.

I go through periods where I weigh myself semi-obsessively, measuring my waist and hips and analysing all the results. People probably don’t really know that of me. I swear that my body has no shape and, usually in the wrong clothing, I can happily declare that I’m fat. I’ve often wanted to say that I have a “touch” of an eating disorder, but that seems like I’m trivialising an extraordinary condition.

The thing that the article really showed to me was, as I wanted to see what size my measurements are across different shops, I actually haven’t measured or weighed myself in potentially months. Probably since before Christmas. And I didn’t melt down. Even when I plugged in my numbers and, in some columns, I came out as a 14 (although that 14 for t-shirt is just plain ridiculous – I wish I had a chest like that!). The thought of wearing a 14 in anything petrifies me, but, I guess, the differences and variation of 12s and 14s instantly calmed me.

And I know what shops to avoid!

Check out the tool here:

And the actual article here:

~ Persephone M

  1. Ugh. . .I hate tight clothes that make me feel fat. I have the biggest problem with jeans. They are either too baggy, despite looking ok when I tried them on or they cut off my circulation.

    • 🙂 I know, I’m doomed to only one pair of trousers for work and I’m petrified of getting a hole in them!

      • I had to throw out my one pair of near-perfect-fitting work pants. I was cleaning the counter with something that had bleach listed in its ingredients, which I was unaware of. When I leaned against the counter, the pants were ruined. I am really missing those pants!

        • I throw out a work t-shirt a week because I drop some chemical down it. Haven’t ruined my trousers yet, but will truly be a sad day when I do!

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