Tenants: What Not to do

So, today I visited the property I’ve rented out for the past two years, the one that I bought with my husband. First piece of bad news, according to the property guide that I picked up other properties in the area for sale have dropped by another 10k. No way am I going to sell at that sort of loss.

Second piece of bad news, apparently the tenants either ran out of boxes to pack their stuff or they decided that I am happy to dispose of all of their belongings. Honestly, I had to ring the rental agents to check that they had really moved out.

Not only had they left behind a drawer full of rubbish, they also left the following nice gifts for me:

  • a new toaster
  • a new kettle
  • cutlery and kitchen utensils
  • a cupboard full of plates, bowls and glasses
  • fantastic giant canvases of New York
  • a new lamp
  • a pair of shoes and two odd socks
  • a new bin – although disgustingly dirty
  • a used toothbrush, pair of tweezers, cleaning cloths
  • a half-filled bathroom bin with Lord knows what in!
  • a new housemate of a spider (clearly the blinds weren’t cleaned recently)
  • a helium balloon for me to play with when I get bored of throwing away their rubbish
  • a pile of random take-away menus and mail for me (including a freaking tax rebate!)
  • some cereal for when I get peckish
  • milk for the cereal in a turned off fridge
  • or perhaps the vegetable oil they left is for the cereal?

These are just some of the images, and I’ve ignored the dirt. What I find the most disgusting after the bathroom bin still half full (eww) is the freaking porn magazine!

And there was underwear in a cupboard – I pray it was clean!

I’ve rented before and never left somewhere in that kind of state. Even ignoring the dusty skirting boards and food stained floors, they’ve left exercise equipment and artwork behind. Who doesn’t empty the bins before they leave?

Anyone ever found odd things in their new home/rent?

Or has anyone ever left behind things when they’ve left somewhere in a move? Is it more common than I thought? My husband almost left behind our microwave when we bought our flat, but I certainly never left behind any rubbish! There are bins outside, fcol.

So, seriously, all tenants out there, please don’t leave half your life behind. Especially if you’re expecting the landlord to throw it away for you. I’m seriously tempted to post the tenant’s facebook addy for the world to see, future tenants beware!

Still in shock,
~ Persephone M

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