“I don’t Want Anybody Else…”

I’m going to lead with the assumption that a lot of people have songs that remind them of someone else, like how a couple have “their” song. I have two songs that I consider mine and my husband’s songs. One became our first dance song and the other was my wished for first dance song, however, I wasn’t sure that people would appreciate 50 Cent’s Candy Shop – plus it isn’t exactly romantic enough for a first dance.

Then there are the songs that remind me of a particular time, and sometimes therefore a particular person. Most Fridays I listen to Radio One and their Golden Hour – loving the trips down memory lane and trying to guess the year. Whenever the year is around 1998-2002, I love the songs and memories – Tom Jones’ “Sexbomb”, Kylie’s “Spinning Around”, Blur’s “Coffee and TV”.

They all remind me of College and University, trying to revise when my friends and I actually just ended up watching the music videos. It’s those songs and the “classic” dance songs – Whigfield, Steps, whoever did “The Macarena” – that I always love. There’s one song that reminds me of one friend and I have no idea why!

It’s a cheesy 80s song, I think. I honestly have no idea. I have a vague memory of being in a club with one of my best friends and we danced to the song. Ever since then it became “our” song. Do friends usually have their “own” song?

We do. And it used to be standard operating procedure to ring each other if either was out without the other and drunkenly sing it to each other. Sometimes, when we were out together, we’d ring my work phone and leave a drunken voicemail that I’d forget about and listen to at work with a smile on my face.

Well, before switching over to the Golden Hour yesterday, I was on a different station and walked into my room at work and heard “our” song. I immediately smiled and considered ringing my friend. Except I was at work, she probably was, too and it was half 8 in the morning. Age and responsibilities made ringing a bit too immature.

Instead, I sent her a two message text with random lines from the song ending the message with the song title just in case she didn’t recognise the words. She replied saying that for a moment she thought I’d gone crazy, and then she’d smiled.

Just as the drunken voicemails used to make me smile on a Monday morning, my texts made her smile yesterday morning and I like that. I don’t see her nearly enough because life gets in the way, but yesterday she began the day with a smile.

The joy of a song. And friends.

~ Persephone M x

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