My Other Self – Poem

I look in the mirror
And I don’t see me
Am I Alice? Am I Dorothy? Am I Daniel?
Have I touched a Quantum Mirror?
Fallen down a rabbit hole?
Been blown away by a tornedo?
I don’t recall any of these. Yet how did I end up here?
This is not my home
These people do not know me.

I look in the mirror
My reflection shines back
When I move, she moves, copying and following tight
Do they see me?
Or do they see her?
Perhaps a third exists?
She is my opposite in every way. Down to the small details.
I smile, she pouts
These people do not see me.

I look in the mirror
And hear only laughing
It’s at my expense. Yet what have I done wrong?
Have I committed sins?
Is this my karma?
Why am I numb?
Silently, I scream out loud. I shatter my own ears.
I’m alone in my head
These people cannot hear me.

I look in the mirror
And her face is dry
Eyes full of joy and an excited eye twinkle
Is this how I was?
Maybe how I could be?
Who would they prefer?
They believe her to be me. My twin in looks alone.
I hide under her so well
These people cannot find me.

I look in the mirror
And don’t recognise myself
I’m fading fast and sliding slowly into the sunken depths
Where am I falling?
Can I stop myself?
Why do I hide?
I do not recognise me. They buy my fake face.
Up goes my wall
These people cannot see inside.

© Muse Persephone 24th May 2011

  1. July 19th, 2014

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