Tsunami – Poem

As the waters recede rapidly,
A calm falls over the scene,
Not a birdsong or a dolphin call,
Is piercing the silent, salty air,
Revealing the smaller life,
The crabs and the baby fish,
All scuttling around for life,
Taking with it the grains of time,
Slowly, slowly, retreating reality.
And then…
The calm is broken,
The serene scene is shattered,
The peace is hacked to pieces,
Tumultuous churning invades it all,
Rising higher and higher, reaching,
Climbing up to the sky,
As blue meets blue,
Waves and waves,
Rolls and rolls,
All fighting their way to the top,
To the air and life.
Crashing down on the peaceful shingle,
Destruction in its path,
Eardrums shatter,
Salt rains down death,
Forcing air from lungs,
And the feet from the ground,
Can you swim, it seems to echo,
Can you survive the plummeting?
Will you regain your balance?
Will you be whole when you do?
It’s too late now. Ha-ha!
An entire ecosystem destroyed,
Left in its beaten state until…
Only time can heal it.

© Persephone M 16th January 2012

A new poem in this new year!

~P x

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