Lonely Child – Poem

I am me. Fifty per-cent mum, fifty per-cent dad,
Normal siblings share two thirds, we fight over half.
I miss the bond of blood so deep, my heart anaemic,
The normal bond of genetic similar – gone.
Alike so much, blood is seen in rivers and mirrors,
Our shared fifty is dominant, we are the same.

How can I miss a bond I never had?
Age and mothers, ships and showers,
So distant apart even in same room.
It never formed, childhood’s gone,
There is still something there, something that I crave.
He came and went, came back again.

He’s cyclical, if I make a step will he stop?
Can he accept my final chance?
Should I give it? Is he worthy of my love?
Our affinities might repulse,
Why do I want him and why should he want me?
Does he have an unknown yearning?

Has he spared me a single image in his heart?
Or is he an only child?
Like me.

© PersephoneM March 2008

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