Sunday Omnibus – 15th January

This has been quite a manic week – almost perfectly balanced and there’s been a lot of things that have seemed kinda perfect.

I spent my weeknights meeting up with all my best friends, some of whom I haven’t seen for months or at least since before the Christmas break, which was amazing fun. I also got back to cooking “proper” meals for dinner (except Friday when I had pizza).

And then on the weekend, I got out and took lots of pictures whilst almost losing the feeling in my fingertips!

Unfortunately, I suffered from some sort of serious lethargy and after getting in from seeing friends and then cooking dinner, I vegged in front of the television. The only writing I’ve managed to do was today. Even on my lunch break I couldn’t summon my muse to write! Although six lines of a random poem are on my phone’s notes. Maybe I need a dictaphone and then look like a crazy person walking down the street.

My fingers are crossed that this week I can try and put in that little bit more balance and not sacrifice my writing. The fosters will be gone all week which will free up a bit of time as I can eat dinner whenever I want, but I am worried for the little ones.

What a good second week of the year! Oh, and I ordered a new TiVo box so countdown to next Thursday.

Happy Sunday!

~Persephone M

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