Perfect Day Update

As an update to my blog from the other day, today I managed to make it out during sunrise! And it wasn’t cloudy!

I took lots of pictures, some to appear on here soon, and I did learn some very helpful facts about early, frosty morning pictures.

  • Fingerless gloves are all well and good to get around the camera, however, given the frost, a second pair for when you’re not taking pictures could be helpful. I still can’t feel my fingers.
  • My trusty headband that covers my ears (I cannot stand cold ears) is very handy, but a hat to actually keep my head warm could have been good, too.
  • When standing on a potentially icey and seaweed covered surface, don’t try and turn around, especially as the trainers I wore are known for being slippery!

At least this time I learnt from my past mistakes – I took money in case I got hungry (it was far too early for breakfast when I left), I also took my back-up compact camera as last time the battery ran out! This was also handy because my fingers gave up the ability to work and the thought of changing the lens was downright scary! So I kept the zoomlens on and used the compact for “normal” shots.

I’ll also try and remember to turn my phone off of silent so that when my husband starts trying to ring me and getting a bit concerned when I didn’t answer, I can answer.

It’s completely clouded over now so there’s no chance of a perfect sunset, but I’m happy with my morning and still feel too cold to leave the house.

After coming home, I used up more of the camera battery taking some random photos of the foster children and then took them to a respite carer. My mum’s been allowed a week’s holiday so the children have gone for the week. They didn’t even seem to really care.

However, when I asked the 3 year old what his favouritest thing was, he answered “Lana” – my mum.

I know I’m going to miss them, hopefully I can hold it together. Check out some poems I wrote a few months ago on the subject: Substitute, Going Hypo.

Pictures later on… maybe.

~ Persephone M

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