Phases of a Moon

Usually, I simply take pictures and only use the time with my eye looking at the screen or through the eyepiece, or the settings on the camera to make it what it is. It’s a combination of not having any photo editor tools, not really knowing how to use them and kinda not wanting to at the moment – I like the pureness of styling the image at the time of taking it.

But then I altered an image for another website I have and I loved it, so I made a little series.

The original image unaltered aside from a little cropping.

The original alteration, highlighting the darker patches.

After the Blue version, I just had to make a pink one!

By altering the contrast, this shows lit up spots almost like a habited planet's cities.

Black and white edit. What can you see in it?

All of the images above were taken by a simple compact camera connected to a Skywatcher Capricorn 70 telescope and then one image altered to make the others.

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Persephone M

  1. Beautiful. I like the pink one the best. What kind of software did you use to make it?

    • Microsoft Office! Until yesterday that was all I had, now I also have Maybe one day I’ll upgrade to photoshop! Glad you liked them, thank you!

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