Perfect Day

Today was one of those days: Perfect.

Kind of.

It started on my way to work. I always walk past this amazing church and even before I could see it today, the sky had already picqued my interest. There were a few clouds, and the sky was this amazing colour. There were blues and pinks, even yellow nearer the southern horizon.

And then I saw the church and it was framed by pinks and blues. I wished that I didn’t have to go to work so I could just wander around taking pictures.

Knowing that there was no way that was ever going to happen, I resigned myself to going to work.

7.24 hours later I left work and the sun was setting. There was an amazing yellow glow over everything and before I left, I looked out the window across the rows of houses and they were all lit up. So were all the windows of the houses. Everything had this glow.

There was even sunlight coming through the tallest windows of the church and I wondered what images would be like of the church during sunset and rise, comparing their shade and light.

And so I wished I could go take pictures of the sunset. Unfortunately by the time I got home and then back out it would be too dark. I missed both!

It was the perfect day and I missed it. What are the odds that the weekend will be washed out, or at least cloudy!


~ Persephone M

  1. Look forward to looking around your blog. This was a telling post. How many such moments and opportunities do we miss because of the complusion to make the mighty buck…or in your case…the Pound…or is it the Euro?

    • Thank you. It is the pound and it happened the next day, too, at least today I didn’t have to head to work, I’d set the alarm and there wasn’t a cloud to see! Still pretty cold though….

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