Chocolate Stash…

I’ve had my first chocolate stash from my Christmas store! Oh, no, only the 5th working day this year and I’ve already given into my weakness. Help! Okay, so there’s a lot of chocolate in my supply, but five days in and I’ve been weak.

Oh, and it’s so very, very weak because the chocolate (although just a small lindt ball thing) came after a small packet of crisps (the kind that leaves you always wanting a second because 25g is far too little) and now I’m eating the second packet of crisps! Oh, dear! I just can’t do this healthy eating thing, can I?

Sitting next to my laptop right now are a dozen clementines and 4 pears, but nooooo, I had to eat the chocolate. After the crisps and pear. Rubbish!

And I was doing so well last week. Fingers crossed for the rest of this week.

Annoyed, Persephone M

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