Between Life And Death

Final four photos (for now) from the Between Life and Death Series. More Lillies and Chrysanthemums!

This shot was composed purposefully to have the dry, crisp and crunchy looking lillies to the left with the bright yellow and white chrysanthemums on the right for contrast. The light is so bright on the chrysanthemum pointing straight to it that its over-exposed, highlighting the brightness within.

The lillie’s stamen almost feels like it’s coming out of the photo and straight to the eye in this shot. The discolouration of the leaves is also evident. I’m not sure about the rest of the foreground being so empty although perhaps anything more would have been too busy.

The point of the whole shoot was for me to practice with depth of field and this image shows it quite well: the lillie in the background (which reminds me of a dragon) is out of focus, as are the immediate foreground floweres – it is the chrysanthemums in the middle which look like a sea of white. I do feel now though that the upward perepective would have made an in focus lillie at the top even more stunning. I also like how the dark void above all of the flowers contrasts with the layers of colour beneath it.

Near the end of all of the photos I took, I noticed the little half closed flower that’s trying to hide behind the lillie. I don’t think it’s central enough in this image and that the green stalks to its right detract from the image. Maybe a flower trying to hide shouldn’t be center stage!

    • obrienspix
    • January 6th, 2012

    Those are really nice…beautiful shots.

    • Thank you. I haven’t had a chance to use my camera for a few weeks. Fingers crossed for good weather this weekend!

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