Shift Worker – Poem

I’m only part time here,
A worker of shifts,
Sometimes I’m far, others near,
I’ll leave you all miffed.
I won’t invest my time,
I won’t spare it on you,
I’ll give neither reason nor rhyme,
Other places give a better view,
I move and flit to here and there.
Does it matter if I’m not fair?
You can give you all,
As I await another’s call.
The job I do, I care not,
I’ll take whoever pays the most,
That’s how shifts play out,
That’s your slot.
Until I’m a forgotten ghost,
A mere smudge on a brain scan,
Sneaking under a dam.

© Muse Persephone 23rd December 2011

This is one of the last poems that I wrote in 2011. Enjoy!

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