Dentists and Decisions

It sounds simple enough, right? You go to the dentist and they say your teeth are fine and lovely, but that your file is missing any x-rays. Simple, right? Although, I would like to point out that I have had x-rays at that very dentist, possibly before I became an adult and so maybe they through them out. I don’t know.

Except the minute they even mentioned the word x-ray, I broke out in a cliched cold sweat and my heart started beating at double speed. Which is odd, as the last time I had an x-ray it was because my heart was beating oddly. The image from the x-ray department flashed into my mind, refusing to be budged. I remember it from then, and at three years ago, babies were not on the immediate to do list. Still, the image of a teeny baby in a womb declaring something along the line of “If there’s any chance I can be in here, mummy, please tell them!” is firmly in my mind.

I was sitting there wondering what “any chance” exactly meant. As, although I’ve been trying for two years, there still looks like it’s just not going to happen, but there’s always a chance. Another side effect of trying for so long and studying biology during my youth, is the fact that I know my cycle and technically, technically, if I got pregnant this month I would now be pregnant.

Every month I try hard to not spend two weeks saying “I could be/Treat me as if I am”, but at the dentist I honestly worried about it. In reality most people wouldn’t even know that they were pregnant at that point, so if their dentist asked them to have an x-ray they’d agree without hesitation. I’m trying though, so surely for those two weeks a month when I could be, I should take certain precautions.

My life shouldn’t significantly change during those two weeks every month, that’s 50% of my life, fcol! But when it comes to something as potentially dangerous as an x-ray or some of the mutagenic chemicals I can work with, then perhaps I shouldn’t take those risks.

Then I had the super uncomfortable conversation because I did pause and the technician noticed and questioned me. I was all blabbery and, like, uh, well, there is a small chance — a very small, very hopeful chance, but it’s still there. Then they put it in my notes so when I go back in six months with an inevitable lack of a bump, I’ll be all red-faced and super embarrassed.

Never in the past two years had it ever occurred to me that my attempts at ttc would affect a dentist’s appointment!

~ Persephone M

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