Between Life And Death

 Here are four more photos from the Between Life and Death collection.

It’s quite simple, really, some lillies and chrysanthemums in a vase – the lillies closer to death than the chysanthemums.

Oh, and an slr camera that I wanted to use to experiment with differing depth of fields and different subject matter in focus.

There are two pairs of images, each highlighting either the bright, vibrant, alive flowers or the dying, hardened petals that are close to falling off.

I honestly can’t decide within each pair as to which should be the main focus – death or life. I want it to be the more hopeful life.

However, the lillie petals are far more interesting.

There is one more image from this collection that I currently have plans on posting and I might just save that for my 100th post which isn’t too far away now!

Until then, the choice between the images and what should be the focus is yours – Life or Death?

~ Persephone M

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