Boomerang of Thoughts

I was in your net, fighting for air,
With each struggle brambles cut,
And ripped through to my core.
Scarred and bleeding, you set me free,
Left me to flounder and to die in the sea.
Yet I survived, strengthened,
Once out of your clutches.
My roots grew strong and free of the thicket.
Shoals of fish swim by,
Following even to their death,
If you hadn’t have freed me,
You’d have taken my last breath.
I still see your face despite the wounds healing,
Once bitten, twice shy and I still guard my heart.
The autumnal tree loses leaves one by one,
Until Winter has come and they are all alone.
You were never a Saint,
Perhaps neither was I,
But there was more to my future
Than ever met your eye.
Live your life as you see fit,
But when Osiris weighs your heart,
Will you be as free and as happy,
As you helped to make me?

© Persephone M 20th November 2011

As part of Monday Memories, here is a relatively recent poem which I wrote during a train journey that felt as if I had travelled back more than ten years in time. I’ve done the exact journey many times after that time of my life finished, yet it was last month that the memories were more vivid than usual. Some of the station names are hidden in the verse, can you spot them?


~ Persephone M

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