Hibernating Squirrel – Poem

Little, red and bushy, she gathers up her season’s nuts,
They have to last ‘til spring you see, but…

Nuts are all she has again this time,
The others frown at her simple crime.
Standing tall with their acorn trees,
She watches them looking down on her and desires to flee.

There they gather with their provisions and their pack,
As she stands all alone, nuts filling her sack.
She means nothing to them now,
She has no material worth,
Without a thought, they’ll sleep within the earth,
As she relents to the pressure with customary bow.

It was not so long ago that she barely ate,
Trying to keep a few nuts to plant before it becomes too late.
But none of them grew, none of them took root,
So now she has no home still and no provisions to boot!
And so she forages around,
For any nuts fallen to the ground.

And so little red goes to sleep early,
Waiting for her spring to come and another chance,
When maybe she won’t come last,
Maybe she won’t have to hide.

© Persephone M 10th December 2011

  1. July 19th, 2014

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