Sweetness – New Poem

My sweet, sweet friend – I’m doing this for you,
With no bad bones, bad words, you are perfect true.
Hiding from conflict and covering your eyes,
I shall try with all my heart to surprise.
Do you know that pain that was caused to me?
And how I suffered all that time?
I yearned for their friendship and their forgiveness,
To be allowed back in and end all this mess,
But I didn’t want her, they would take nothing less.

My sweet, sweet little classic cute English pie,
Strive as I might, to avoid making you cry.
I tuck what I feel deep down far inside me,
Bury them far from the light of day.
I freely admit that I feel bitter,
And for you I bear through the pain.
I often wonder if you have made a guess,
And tried at all to see through my facial dress,
Behind which is fear, rejection and bitterness.

My sweet, sweet harmless purple sparkly fairy,
Do you know how your Days became so hairy?
I wish you could open up your sealed heart,
To allow me in and then share a part.
Allow me as close as they are to you,
Can you share your problems with me?
My stomach gurgles like a pit full of cess,
I am scared to attend, I’m far from fearless,
I will try with all I have to spare your sadness.

© Persephone M 28th March 2008.

This week’s Timeless Tuesday poem from three years ago and relating to matters existing years before that one.

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