Tis the Season…

… to be far too busy!

I set myself a personal goal for November 2011. It was quite easy and simple, except technically I failed on the first day, so I re-set it for the second. Anyway, it was to make a post every single day in November.

I think I was pre-empting any attempt to do it over December because, let’s face it, it’s a pretty busy month. However, I failed to realise quite how busy November is. I’ve spent the past week tidying the house and getting it ready for being decorated, making a huge batch of Christmas cookies/cakes for a school fete (which by the way mainly all have icing that will not set!) and writing stories rather than blogs or poetry.

And it wasn’t even December yet!

So, I will do the utterly scary and give myself the same goal for December and make a post each and every day. Cross your fingers for me!

Anyone else out there able to do it/have done it/tries to do it? Let me know any tips!

~ Persephone M

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