Fading Fast – Poem

A simple slip of the tongue and out the spills the moment,
Words said in bitter, twisted, resentment, in anger, in frustration.
They are just words. These are just words.
Sounds that fade, memories that slip from a mind,
Pixels that splinter, ink that smudges.
Alone it sits, boxed in by white, by cold, by the hard,
Porcelain skin that pales as the blood drops.
Too long on the feet, too long waiting and hoping,
Before the fingers fall from their arthritic joints,
Permanently locked with no key on the horizon.

Intake the life giving air, side step the evil emissions and fill,
Feel it permeate deeper down, expanding under pressure.
It is just hot air. This is just hot air.
Air that feeds, chemicals that kill with every breath,
Microbes that mutate, oxygen that’s tainted.
Sigh it all out, yet the poisons persist permanently,
Until the oxygen fades from the world.
Ignorance, self-satisfaction and sheer dumb luck,
They will be all that remains, the murderers,
Existing in glee whilst others suffer alone.

© Persephone M 16th November

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