Charity Begins At… Home?

Have you ever been completely mystified by other’s actions?

Have you ever been embarrassed to call yourself a member of a particular group, or of the human race?

Have you ever been tempted to send the longest group email that you’ve ever sent before, berating everyone with whom you work?

I know that I need to calm down, but I’m currently really rather frustrated, angry and disgusted with an entire group of people I know.

I’m also just plain disappointed.

A few months ago, a group within my work place took part in a charity walk. Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that I work in an office building with loads of smaller departments and it was one department that decided to do something for charity. Along with their own offering of walking however many miles or kilometers, they also put up a sweepstake in the building’s social area. It was quite simple, 50p per time slot to guess how long it would take the group to cross the finish line. The prize was the entire pot.

Let me clarify, 50p and entire prize fund as the winner’s prize. With the option, I stress option, of actually paying £1 where the second 50p would go to the charity. The prize fund remained the same.

Pretty much no one signed up for it.

Disheartening for the group, do you think? A teeny bit selfish, maybe? Or just an organisation that don’t participate in such activities?

I didn’t give it much thought until an email this week concerning an annual sweepstake which is drawn by lucky dip. The charity one wasn’t a lucky dip so you could actually try and predict the time rather than sheer dumb luck of the draw. Price is the same – 50p. The prize fund can be considered as about the same, of course it depends on the exact number of slots.

So, answer me this: why have over 50 slots already been taken on the current, annual sweepstake and yet no one bought any for the charity one?

Remember, the charity one wasn’t actually giving any money to charity unless the person opted to pay double. Perhaps those people didn’t read all the information, believing and considering a sweepstake where all the money went to charity pointless. Except it’s actually their own ignorance that prevented them reading the “rules” properly.

And how can it be pointless when, for 50p, the taking part in a sweepstake (for a prize or not) could have served as encouragement to those actually doing something for the charity?

I just honestly cannot understand why people can enter an irrelevant sweepstake and not one with such a good cause behind it.

Maybe it’s the same reason that I got scornful looks which guilted me into signing (and giving money) for someone I had never even heard of leaving, yet one of my best friends left and, despite their constant contact with a lot of departments, got fewer than twenty out of the hundred-plus workforce to sign their card?

Or maybe it’s also why staff opt out of the fund that pays for annual parties, yet still attend and drink from the free (paid for by staff monthly payments) bar when they have specifically opted out!

Clearly this world is filled with selfish, ignorant people that remind me how useless humanity actually can be!

Calming down slightly,

~ Persephone M

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