And Mother Earth Will Bleed – Poem

And the rain pours down,
As the heavens split,
Torn apart, they bleed down,
Covering the earth,
Drowning her.

It pounds and beats,
Drumming the world,
Forcing their attention,
On the sinking ship.
The drains are blocked,
Clogged with mankind,
The mess they make,
And the flooding starts.
Fear and panic floods her,
She knows what’s to come.
Pain and vengeance drown her,
She knows what’s to happen.
The blockages increase,
Every corner has a sea,
In which the dead float,
Dreaming of their heaven.
And the salt rains down,
As the mighty heavens split,
Torn apart, they gush down,
Seeing the earth,
Drowning her.

She cannot control the pain,
The bleeding rain drowning her.
She cannot stop heaven doing,
Whatever heaven wants.
Sinking deeper in logged mud,
She hides within herself,
Ignoring the drains, the gutters,
The fear, the pains, the mutters.
Clogging up like the flu,
Aches and pains, splintering,
Each storm counts closer,
The end will come, drowned.
New rivers run, carefully watch,
Any step could be the last,
Tip-toe, flat-toe,
It won’t matter any.
To slip and to fall,
To break a bone or hip,
To break a heart,
To rupture a heart.

And the blood rains down,
As the hearty heavens split,
Torn apart, it all bleeds down,
Covering her and,
Drowning her.

© Persephone Muse 4th November 2011

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