Autumn Photo Shoot 1

 Ever since I got my first ever SLR, I’ve been dying for reasons to take lots of new pictures and over the past few weeks I’ve been really noticing Autumn. Don’t just blame the camera, also blame Game of Thrones and the central family’s motto of Winter is Coming. More on that and the images I’m imagining for that series later. First, my Autumn photo shoot. Here is image one, my favourite leaf caught in some old wiring.

 This is the same leaf, in the same position, but from the front. It’s such a shiny red, waxy leaf. Unfortunately, despite my science and biology background, I have no idea what the hell the bush/tree/plant is called from which this leaf came. What I can tell you is that I’ve spent the past two days picking up random leaves to many people’s raised eyebrows. Thing is, I found the perfect one (red, five pointed) in my own back garden. D’oh!

See how this leaf isn’t perfect — it has 7 points on it, not 5. It’s still a good leaf, just not the perfect one, the one I was looking for on the streets. In this shot I threw the leaf gently at a spider’s web and photographed it where ever it happened to hang so there is something natural about it.

In some places you can just about see the strings of the web.

This is then the back of the 7 pointed leaf. You can see all the veins and the paler colour of the underside. When I “threw” the leaf at the web, it flipped itself over as if turning its back on me. I prefer the positioning on this one, but the background on the “front” image. The biggest problem I had on my search for the perfect leaf were the random looks I got when bending down in the street, or when I fell over the once when I lost my balance.

These are the first four images from my Autumn shoot, four more to come later.


~Persephone M

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