One in a Million

One of the things I love about certain times at work is the lovely lunch breaks I can get where I’m able to go on a nice walk and search charity shops for books. I love books!

Sadly, for the past few weeks I haven’t been able to find any good books in any of my usual shops, until today when I wandered further afield. I found this amazing little shop where second hand books were piled up from floor to ceiling in one of those kinds of places where you risk being buried alive by a giant landslide of paper and card, perhaps the odd VHS video. It’s where you find the most random of books, but it can be a miracle if you find a gem. Unless you have all the time in the world to go through every single one.

Today I found a gem and it wasn’t even for me!

I was hit by the fact that it was so easy to have missed the book in question. Seriously this shop was covered from floor to ceiling, it had aisles that you couldn’t even get into because of the piles of books. It wasn’t like the shelves went from floor to ceiling, no, the books piled on the floor held up the shelves, and then the piles in front of the shelves. Trying to have a closer look at a book you’ve spotted is like the largest scale game of jenga ever.

It was as I was leaving that I noticed the book in question and for only a pound I bought a perfect little Christmas present that I would never find in a normal bookshop.

The fact that I stepped out of the shop and right into a little rain shower, made the day even more unique. It’s almost the end of October and Autumn is pretty much fully on us, in fact there has been a recent very cold snap, but today was warm. I’m not trying to suggest that the rain shower was anything like a tropical shower, but it did feel very refreshing.

And then, after the gem of a book, I saw the most amazing sight. I had my phone so I could have taken a picture, but I chickened out because I was with people despite how much I love photographs. It was surely a once in a lifetime image. Up above the street there was an amazing diffuse rainbow which was perfectly placed. It spanned the road, overshooting on both sides by the same approximate distance. There was symmetry and from my standing point not an inch of lopsidedness.

Figuratively, above the rainbow was thick grey cloud and I swear that the rainbow was the barrier to the blue sky beneath it. Granted the sky was however patchy with blue sky, grey and white clouds, but it was a one in a million thing that I saw and I really should have taken a picture.

‘Tis the day for one in a million and lost opportunities.

Oh, lost opportunities…

~ PersephoneM


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