4 – Poem

One. October. The end of life.
Six month deadline, counting down to his death.
Prophesized, predicted, foreseen, foretold,
I coped, I dealt, got on, resolved it all.
It ate him: brains to lung to pancreas,
Taking him from me, leaving me half.
Irreplaceable. One of a kind. Mine.
Alone. Pain engulfing.
Been prepared. Shut the door.

Two. March. My half destroyed.
Through him, I had a distant half by blood.
With death, that half was all I had: Genetics.
Only way to share my only childhood.
My dealing, accepting. Her narrow sorrow,
He could not compete. He could not cope.
No fate, no fortune. I had not foreseen.
He left. I had no half.
No pain or hatred. Just shame.

Three. July. Second life stone.
After the pain, still raw and fresh,
He ups and leaves out of the blu.
Should have seen it, breathe revealed.
My huge party, all eyes on me,
My life changed in so many ways.
I should have realised, pre-empted.
He broke me with harsh words: Goodbye,
A Slightly Malevolent Spirit tore my heart.
How harsh? How cruel?
Three down, one to go.

Four. October. Three-Sixty.
We’d drifted, crests parting us through the years.
She had changed for the worse. From man to ape.
Amidst the pain of men, she broke me hardest.
The pain surpassed the rest. Everlasting.
Misunderstandings. Natural progression.
Two tree branches, spreading further apart.
From the sky ice cold and mass extinction.
With our death, they all leave.
I am the cold blooded.

As I called in 2004, put the worst twelve behind.
As eight rolls on, pain, hatred, sadness, jealousy,
Eat me alive.
I can’t forgive. I can’t forget.
Four loves. Four corners. Four basics. Four elements.
All gone.
© PersephoneM 2008

In section three, there is not a spelling mistake or typo on line 3.

This fits in perfectly with last night’s blog! I’m still full of guilt and shame over forgetting.

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