Why? Turning on your phone…

Not to go on about it or anything, but I got back from holiday yesterday — what? You hadn’t heard! Where have you been hiding? — and it raised a few questions concerning mobile phones.

I’d already been thinking about it, I have the same thoughts on every flight I take, but it was only when my mum told me that she had no idea if I’d arrived on holiday safely or not because I didn’t text.

Why would I turn on my phone in Mexico whilst on holiday at all?

When I go to Europe, I do turn on my phone. I know that there are charges, but I’ve told myself that they can’t be much when I live in Europe. However, the charges from Mexico? Well, that’s a different continent and hemisphere so there’s no way I’m opening myself for the charges for receiving and sending messages. Maybe I should invest in one of these Smart phone thingies and use the wifi to access facebook et al.

But I don’t and I wanted two weeks of the television and new fancy cameras being the most technology I accessed. This is difficult for a girl who writes on her laptop alot. Except the husband did use the wifi to watch a football match on his ipod — only because the onsite sports bar weren’t showing it and I used the time to have a much needed nap.

My biggest “issue” surrounding phones on holidays is: Why turn it on so damn freaking soon?

By the time we landed in Mexico and got through customs, England was 6 hours ahead and it was the middle of the night back home so all those people on the coach to the hotel who forced me to endure the constant text alerts of “You’re now on XYZ network and messages will cost £ABC” were texting their loved ones to say they arrived safely on their tropical holiday and probably woke up whoever it was. And what did they say in their messages?

“Just landed. On way to hotel. Been raining. Sun’s setting.”

If they’d have waited for the morning, not only would their loved one have been up and having lunch, but they could have learnt about the tropical sunshine and first meal at the resort whilst they were suffering in the rain and cooking a sunday roast.

What is the urgency?

Or those people who simply must turn on their phone the instant the seatbelt light goes off in England despite the notices to not turn it on until they’re in the airport. Why? What is with the desire of breaking the rules? Why can’t some people go the length of the flight out of electronic contact with someone?

Then, in the passport check line back in England, where it clearly says no phones or cameras (I believe it’s for the security of the entire country not just to mess with your day), there’s some guy happily chatting on his phone. Why was he so willing to risk being shot or arrested? Probably to throw off suspicions of drug dealing or something. I’ve only turned my phone on once before I’ve been at baggage collection and that was because England didn’t want to let my husband (English from birth) back in the country and I was starting to panic.

Is it just me that’s so happy to be lost from the world for two weeks and one day?

If so, what is so wrong with that?

Why on Wednesday,

~PersephoneM x

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