29 Hours Awake… zzzzzz

I got back from the summer hols this morning and I am now soooo tired. Apparently some decent weather has been had back here at home, which is nice. I won’t mention the tropical storm that had my resort near washed away the past few days. Oh well, I came back with a tan.

For me, anyway.

Mexico was amazing. I went swimming with tropical fishes, climbed a pyramid (and then found an injured leg made it hard to get back down), I played chicken with some amazing waves and even ignored seaweed a bit. Oh, and I only burnt once when I was walking around Chichen Itza. I bought an amazing new SLR camera and I am in love with it. ❤

More about the sites, photos and loveliness in a later post; this is just a quick one to say that I am back, I am alive and I am exhausted!

Already I’m home to legal issues surrounding one of my properties and wholly invalid reports on another so have been busy emailing away all evening as tomorrow I may kinda … zzzzzz!

Successfully surviving two whole weeks without any internet access at all (although the husband did use his Zoom to watch a football match in the hotel lobby), I also did no writing whatsoever. Which is odd. Normally, something inspires a few notes at least. In Rhodes earlier this year, I created entire new scenes for a novella based purely on me watching the sea hit some rocks. Not even a bit of poetry!

I did do lots of reading and came home with only 4 books unread from the 12 total. In fact on the flight home I did a nice chunk of the 4th Song of Ice and Fire. You would not believe the open mouthed O M G moments the third book gave me. Thankfully I did not get any mosquito bites in my mouth.

Anyway, possibly some flickr images tomorrow. Or I may have to catch up on the final Dr Who…

Blue skies to you all,


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