Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow – Poem

Today, we laugh out loud all day long,
Today, we encourage everyone to know everything,
Today, we publicise private photos,
Today, we don’t know our own best friend.

Yesterday, we used phones to speak,
Yesterday, we bored people with slide shows,
Yesterday, we made time to see loved ones,
Yesterday, we had no way to judge our popularity.

Tomorrow, we will have no need for tongues,
Tomorrow, we will have model strength hands,
Tomorrow, we will have strangers in our circles,
TMW, imo, we will be jus gr8, never l8 and be bffs, but ?4U

Is this what we want?
2 b 2 busy 2 learn and c?
What do I really know about you?
What do you really know about me?

© PersephoneM 23rd September 2011

Note: Apologies for the text speak, but it is for the poem and not through choice. The day I actually use text speak rather than proper, true, educated english, feel free to shoot me and string me up from a hangman game!

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