Ghost Ship – New Poem

Walking these lonely corridors down which I was once led,
I cannot help but muse on all of those things long since dead.
The disturbing quiet has set in long ago,
The life dripped out bit by bit, so slow.
Where once was filled with life and noise,
Now there are just remnants of the boys and toys.
There’s no sign of those that lived, just the ghostly shape,
Whispering past me, playing with the hairs on my nape.
For so long now, it is the same old feeling,
My hope for a saviour slowly peeling.
Days and days have passed without seeing a soul,
I wander around, trying to seek out my goal.
Is there any other life aboard this grand ship, any at all?
I’ll take anything: human, insect, no matter how small.
Surrounded by memories of a time long forgotten,
Flashes of my childhood play on my eyes,
Keeping me trapped in time, decaying like an apple rotten,
Is it my truth or was it all lies?
Am I all alone, since the feeble have all fled?
Or is it in reality that I am simply dead?

© 15th August 2011

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