Day One,
And I was feeling glum.
It was only a half,
Then I needed my scarf.
Day Two,
Still feeling blue.
The exciting weekend,
Was a thankful God-send.
It somehow all blurred,
As I allowed out my nerd.
Day Three,
And it should be all about me.
Without you here, I’m alone,
Thought of as simply a working drone.
I can’t believe it’s really finished,
And my pain cannot be diminished.
It sounds completely absurd,
But I liked standing out from the herd.
Day four,
And I’m waiting at the door.
The day has been fine, As I’ve been towing the line,
But then it’s home time, And what do I find?
You are not there, nowhere to be seen,
A fine day without you, can you picture the scene?
Hours there alone, with no one to speak,
Hours home alone, feeling like a freak.
What shall I do with my new found spare time,
Why am I being punished for your crime?


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