Drifting Dreams

Just forget about your dreams,
You’ve just flushed them down the loo.
Ripping your life apart at the seams,
Beating you down until you’re brand new.

Give up feeling hope and joy,
Now you live on your knees in the dirt.
You are used just as a whipping boy,
Destroying your pretty skirt.

Crushed and squashed nearly into nothing,
Dying slowly from the inside out.
Once upon a time, you were bluffing,
The heartache shown by a simple pout.

It has all gone on far too long now,
There’s no heartache to be felt.
Taking the pressure throughout,
Accepting with sadness the cards dealt.

The dreams, hopes and desires have flown,
Escaping through the window.
You have fallen far down from your throne,
Could you ever be this low?

All of the tears have dried up in acceptance,
All because of the constant attendance,
No one can understand the pain deep inside,
No one sees behind the words I use to hide.

© PersephoneM 3rd August 2011.

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