New Photo Feature

I’ve actually been quite regular with my posts on here for the past few weeks. Yay, me! Sadly, I happen to maybe be internet free for the next few days. Well, it shouldn’t stop me writing (no, this new side project should not take anymore time from my writing).

I joined Flickr yesterday and have spent today organising thirty-ish images onto it into two sets. These sets are “Pleasing Aesthetics” and “Age Old Classics”. The former is for images that either by pure fluke or great attempts, capture something I consider special. They are the images I see as poetic or beautiful in their own way. Some of them may eventually be linked to particular poems I have written. The second set of images are a collection from my travels, some of which may cross the link into “pretty”. Some may not. They sometimes help my inspiration, my muse, far greater than the nature driven, random images.

After the base collection, I will now upload less frequently and hopefully post relevant new ones to here. The first image is titled Blinded By Love and was found by my own fluke. In fact it was probably taken completely by fluke. It’s years old and I couldn’t have even told you I had it until I discovered it yesterday when prepping for this project.

I’m glad I found it and am able to share it.

Enjoy the new posts and images to ponder!


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