Girl Racing


The big pink swarm swells down by the sea,
Pounding the pavement together, marching as one,
One force, one life, one entity for five thousand steps.
Racing together, fighting together,
All so different, yet all so similar.
The gathering of pink ladies for all around,
Who all walk over such familiar ground.
Some coloured pink from head to toe,
Others keeping the day’s theme quite low.
Fairy wings and wigs, flowers and garlands,
Tutus are added to complete the look.
Even Hell’s Angels are Hell’s fairies for the day!
The pink marching band brings up the rear,
Following after panthers, female sumos trapped in the heat.
The sun’s beating down, but they all continue on,
Reaching for a beach ice-cream, holding out for a crisp wine.
There are bands and strips, like tides within the pink sea,
With matching words and images, painting their pain.
For my friends who have won. And those who have lost.
Every two minutes there’s a fresh diagnosis,
Those who have lost. And to those that have survived…
Survival rates have doubled over the last thirty years.
… To those that still fight. I race for you. X X X.
Yet nothing can erase every woman’s fears,
For Nanny Annie. For the Next Generation. For a Cure.
Nor take away the pain or loss with a healthy prognosis.
We all stand together, over sixty thousand in total,
For Jack, Esther, Andrew, Beatrice and John.
Seek out that old pink afro, a cowgirl or two,
Join us down at the seafront and join the pink crew.
We’ll walk for miles, never losing our smiles,
Walking for you and for me, fighting for all of those in-between.
We’re all someone’s mother, sister, daughter or wife,
Raising money for research by walking the Race for Life.

© PersephoneM 24th July 2011.

In honour of all those who raced today, or over the past few months, or ever.

  1. Great post I really enjoyed it! Feel free to take a look at my first featured poem!

    • Thank you, Amyree. Fingers crossed we raised a decent amount of money!

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