Alone, Part 2

You don’t need to have read ALONE to read this; they have thematic links is all! Another exclusive to this site and brand new today!

Another day, another forgotten girl,
Living silently right next to you and me,
Only you don’t see her, do you?
No, she walks past, unseen, speaks, unheard,
Eventually she’ll fade from reality. She wishes.

Like you, I don’t see her. But then I, too, am unseen,
One day it’ll change, I hope. One day… maybe,
Never noticed. Never known. Always alone.
Eat up all the lovely goodies, whilst ignoring me,
Lose me from your thoughts, if you ever had them,
You won’t miss me when I’m gone.

Six whole long weeks, just me in this place,
Under what impression makes that different?
My life is just me here, forgotten and sad,
Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I should try to,
End my solitary confinement.
Reality isn’t that easy. I’m in my fiction.

  © PersephoneM July 21st 2011.

  1. Great post! I love poetry very much. Free free to check out my first poem also everyone!

    • Thank you very much, Amyree. And thank you for pointing me towards a fantastic looking site I hadn’t heard of before!

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