Post Birthday Blog

Hey people, it was my birthday yesterday and I had such an amazing weekend! Friday, I was taken to see the final Harry Potter film in 3D and digital! Followed by a lovely dinner at TGI Fridays, chosen because I love their cocktails! Then on Saturday, I was treated to a day at a local-ish gym. Apparently it was so that I could use the sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and swimming pool, but I saw the gym part and was like “I’ve never been on a running machine!” Luckily the friend my Husband had arranged to take me is a regular gym go-er, so hopefully didn’t mind spending an hour in total on the running machine and exercise bike.

I usually hate all types of running, but I did 15 minutes solid jogging and absolutely loved it! And the fact that it was followed by a definite solid hour in a Jacuzzi. So much fun!

After a fantastic Chinese takeaway, I spent Saturday night making cupcakes which I then spend Sunday morning decorating, before having a tea party at my house. Friends and family came, ate sandwiches and cupcakes, and drank tea. I loved it and it wasn’t just because of the presents I received – which included a gorgeous Minnie Mouse T-shirt, fantastic scrapbook, yummy bottle of Ameretto and Harry Potter Cluedo!

Monday was a generic day where my Husband started his new job so I thought I would cook him a nice dinner, waiting for the big day. Tuesday! Slightly marred by my Husband’s playstation dying the night before (even worse as now all I want to do is play Singstar), and by his new job, after being cruelly made redundant, means he doesn’t get home until 6pm now. So it was without him that I opened my remaining presents (Zumba for the Wii) and did my cake (with full 29 candles, despite my mum’s protests). Sob! Once he was home, I abandoned him babysitting, whilst my mum and I went out for dinner – it’s not just my birthday you know, it was also her giving-birth-day! Which is why I presented her with flowers on Monday. Sadly, we went to a re-vamped Flaming Grill Pub. They brought our steaks to us before our glasses of coke, cooked my mum’s incorrectly and had no salad. That’s no salad whatsoever because “the order was wrong”. Okay, you do realised there are shops that sell salad? No, really, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. Honest.

That was then my birthday over for another year, but at least there’s still lots of birthday cake left!

Hmm, cake and Singstar!

Oh, on a writing note – I have been working on a new project based on step-mothers and should be able to start the third of five sections of it tomorrow! I may attempt to work on some fanfiction tonight (after I try out Zumba) as it has been a loooong time!

Thank you to all my lovely birthday presents and messages,

~PersephoneM x

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