My Poetry – Laying me Bare

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here – nothing to do with this particular blog or lack of inspiration; life has been busy. Today I have made it my priority and I am slowly making my way through updating all my various blogs, stories, sites where I have anything! And then I came to pick a new poem for on here and I asked the Husband to pick a number between 2 and 33. He picked 17 which is a poem I wrote just a few months ago, titled “Lunar”. Not many of my recent poems make it onto here due to the fact that this links to other social networking sites and, therefore, people who know me.

Recent poetry seems too fresh to allow those I love (or random people who I’d rather not know that much) to access it right now. Maybe that makes sense if you trade the word fresh for raw. I have no problems posting it other places around the huge arena that is, essentially, the world, but somewhere that will alert my nearest and dearest. I’m not ready for that.

So I re-jigged my list of poems and came up with one titled “They Don’t Know” which was written a few years ago about a long lost friend, specifically the pain I still carried at that point. This is one of my poems that I refer to in my disclaimer; it may connect to people I still call friends. I don’t want to upset people still in my life – by insinuations or realisations. Will they be upset at learning how much past events hurt me? Or will they accept that it’s in the past and over and done with?

I guess, even if they do accept that it’s been and gone, managing to not be upset and hurt that I never turned to them during the events, isn’t my posting the poem now just pointless and keeping the wounds from fully healing, prying at the wounds in fact? In my mind, I am making my poetry public after years of writing and wanting to share my work with everyone – that includes my friends despite the fact that I don’t presume them to read anything here. Should I, therefore, even be worried?  If they choose to not read my work, they cannot know what I thought years ago. If they do… then they could be upset with me, hurt that I saw and experienced things differently to them.

So, for now, I may steer clear of the raw, emotional poems along with ones that could potentially hurt someone I care about and/or our friendship. Instead, I’ll find another poem.

I have enough to choose from!


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